HHERA Annual General Meetings

The 2018 AGM was held on Wednesday 25 April at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5. Minutes may be downloaded at the link below.
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The 2017 AGM of the Residents' Association took place on Wednesday 17 May at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5. Minutes may be downloaded at the link below.
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The 2016 AGM of the Residents' Association took place on Wednesday 27 April at 7:45 PM at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5. The minutes may be downloaded at the link below.
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The 2015 AGM was held at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road (next to Hanger Lane) on Wednesday 29 April at 7.45-9PM. A full report may be downloaded at the link below.
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The 2014 AGM was held at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road (next to Hanger Lane) on Wednesday 30 April at 7.45-9 PM. A presentation was given by a security company about neighbourhood security patrols. A full report may be downloaded at the link below.

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Approximately 40 people were in attendance.
Simon Reed welcomed residents to the Church of the Ascension.

Apologies received from Councillors Nigel Sumner, Diana Pagan, Andrew Bainbridge, Anthony Lewis.
1.Chairman's Report: It has been a busy and demanding year for the Association and its Committee.
Shortly after last year's AGM the Association was approached by Indigo Planning, agents for the proposed development of the Park Royal Hotel site in the wake of the closure of the Magnat pub.?We were grateful for their initiative and courtesy in approaching us to explain their plans in detail before going public with them, but concerned about the scale of the proposed development. Once the plans were put out for public consultation, your Association became the means by which local residents were able to voice their objections. Assisted by Martyn Grogan, a former member of your Committee, we presented first to the agents and then to Ealing Planning Department a detailed list of concerns, problems and objections, in particular the sheer scale and mass of the development in relation to nearby residential buildings, and the traffic impact of guests and service vehicles.
?We attended a meeting with Ealing planners at which there was agreement about both the excessive size of the development and the inadequacy of the traffic arrangements.We were therefore very disturbed to learn in late autumn that modestly revised plans had been resubmitted, there was to be no further consultation, and that the scheme was to go to the Council Planning Committee a few days before Christmas.?Well briefed by Martyn Grogan I spoke on your behalf at the public session but the plans were unanimously approved by the councillors with what seemed scant regard for our concerns.Both the result and the latter stages of the process were extremely disappointing but we continue to be in close touch with both the Council and the agents with intention of mitigating as far as we can the negative impacts of this development, in particular ensuring that commitments to keep coaches away from Hanger Green and all hotel traffic out of Connell Crescent are upheld and enforced.
On a happier note we are delighted to report the breaking news that the HS2 rail link will now pass through the area in a tunnel rather than emerging in a cutting near the top of our estate. Particular thanks are due to former Chairman Robert Gurd who has paid close attention to this on our behalf.
Whilst these major issues have occupied a great deal of time and attention, we have still been able to consider the on-going problems caused by through traffic in Boileau Road and Connell Crescent.?Your Committee had an extensive discussion with a concerned resident from Boileau Road but concrete and agreeable proposals to put to the Council continue to elude us.?It is encouraging to know that there is Ward Forum money available to address these problems when we can see a way forward and one of the priorities for the newly elected committee will be to examine two proposals from Connell Crescent residents aimed at improving traffic in their road.?Throughout the year we have been fighting a long battle both to repair and prevent the damage caused by vehicles from the Premier Inn.
Although not directly an Association matter, the redecoration of our local post boxes at the instigation of Cllr Nigel Sumner has been widely appreciated, and as Spring finally shows its face it is also good to see how the new woodland paths on Hanger Lane, which were constructed in consultation with your Association, are blooming with daffodils and providing a far more pleasant walk than the roadside pavement.
I'm asked to remind you that your Association does not have a formal subscription and apart from a few newsletter advertisements relies on your donations to function, so please give generously later in the meeting.?Finally, as usual, let me express my thanks to the other members of your Committee for all their hard work last year, without which the effective running of this Association would be impossible: to Margaret Martyn as Vice Chair, Valerie Giles as Secretary, Moira Black, our honorary Treasurer, and Serena Gossain who produces our Newsletter.?Hanger Hill is a good place to live, so let's work together to keep it that way.
2. Estate Matters:
Connell Crescent:
Concern was expressed at the amount of traffic cutting through from the A40.?Some residents suggested closing off one end of the crescent but others were in disagreement, as this would prove difficult for the emergency services.?Another option would be to restrict vehicles by installing width restrictions. Simon said that any residents from Connell Crescent would be welcome to attend a committee meeting to discuss this matter. There is money in the Ward Forum budget, which could be used to conduct a traffic survey.
Park Royal Hotel:
A question was asked as to what the Residents' Association is going to do about this proposal. Simon reported that at the moment things have gone quiet.?One thing is certain, that coaches should not be allowed to park on Hanger Green.
Tesco - Ritz Parade:
This project is definitely going to proceed. Concern was expressed as to how deliveries would be made. Would they be made via Connell Crescent???A large boulder is to be placed on the corner of Connell Crescent and Ritz Parade, which should solve the problem of cars driving on the pavement and cracking the paving stones.
Many of the pavements in the area are dangerous. What can be done about this??Suggested that residents contact Customer Services. If this does not resolve the matter, Councillor Nigel Sumner should be informed.
3.Treasurer's Report:
Concern was expressed at the cost of producing the newsletter.?Moira Black, Honorary Treasurer reported that local estate agents take advertising space in the newsletter and deliver to houses.?The Residents' Association delivers to the flats.
The Residents' Association is not registered with the Charity Commission because we do not have charitable objectives.
Resident Associations' cannot benefit from s106 monies. Agreed that fund raising could be looked at outside of the Annual General Meeting.
The accounts for the year-end 31stDecember 2012 showed an excess of income over expenditure of 106.
Thanks were extended to Moira Black for producing the accounts.
4.Appointment of Auditors:
Thanks were extended to John Gwynne for auditing the accounts, which he would be happy to do for another year, as he may be leaving the area.
Proposed:Edward Cohen
Seconded:Grant Payne

5.Election of 2013/2014 Committee:
Although the number of nominees exceeded the maximum number of 11, as per the Constitution, the meeting unanimously agreed that the 12 nominees standing for election should be elected and that a ballot was not necessary:?
CHADHA, Sanjay, Corringway
GALT, Michael, Connell Crescent
GILES, Valerie, Ashbourne Road,
GURD, Robert, Beaufort Road
JERJES, Khalid, Chatsworth Road
LEWIS, Anthony, Boileau Road
MARTIN, Margaret, Gilbert Court, Hanger Vale Lane
NOBLE, Margaret, Boileau Road
PLUMB, Jackie, Connell Crescent
REED, Simon, Beaufort Road
SHELLEY, Nicky, East Close
UPPAL, Inder, Beaufort Road

6. A.O.B.
Simon said that it was incorrect to say the Residents' Association had done nothing. This issue was raised two or three years ago. The Association organised a meeting, which was held at the Church of the Ascension for local residents to which a number of people came; representatives from the police and local council were also in attendance.??
Could a private security firm patrol the are. Police are not keen on this. One resident said that this type of patrol had been taking place where her daughter lives and had not reduced the crime rate and therefore, it was being stopped. Could CCTV be installed. Invariably the cameras are not working or are positioned incorrectly.
The reality is that we live in a very low crime rate area, although it is still distressing for those who are victims of crime. Crime isregularly discussed by the Committee but there are no easy actions which the Association can take.
Police Station - Ashbourne Parade:
The office is only manned for short periods. The Safer Neighbourhood team continues to patrol the area.
Pathway North Circular:
The new pathway along the North Circular makes for a nice detraction from the noise of Hanger Lane. There are some nice flowers and this is now managed by the Parks Department.
Approximately 50 people were in attendance.?
Simon Reed welcomed residents to the Church of the Ascension and thanked those who helped with the refreshments.?Councillors Nigel Sumner, Diana Pagan and Benjamin Dennehy were in attendance.?
1.????????Chairman's Report:
Once again it is good to be able to begin my report with issues from last year on which positive progress has been made.?
The biggest issue with which we have had to deal this year has been the plans for a new primary school in the grounds of the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family in Vale Lane.?Although this is located within the Hanger Garden Estate it is a concern to us because of the traffic implications for our estate, and the proximity to houses in Corringway.?Working closely with the Hanger Garden Estate Committee we pressed the Council for genuine consultation, a process in which they were worryingly unwilling to engage.?However, this very week it has become possible to bring you some good news on this subject.?On Monday, along with Bob Gurd from your Committee and Bill Bailey, Chairman of the Garden Estate Committee, I met with Mrs Evelyn Ward, the newly appointed head teacher of the new school.?She could not have been more helpful.?Coming with previous experience of starting up a school in Watford and needing to work with the local community, she assured us that it was her priority to consult with us to put in place a workable traffic management plan - something the Council has neglected to do - before the school opens and to try to address other issues that we raised.?Given that this school is going to go ahead anyway to meet the recognised need for more primary places, we could not have had a better meeting in terms of minimising the impact on the neighbourhood. A local problem may well turn out to have a local solution.??
Mention was made last year of the junction of Boileau Road and Queen's Drive, which for many years has been something of a congestion black spot.?Members of your Committee were able to give input to the makeover of facilities at Queen's Parade, which included the creation of a Keep Clear box and the remodelling of the traffic island.?As far as we can tell the general perception is that this difficult junction is now operating more smoothly.?On the subject of roads we have also been involved in the restoration of the historic street lamp on the corner of Beaufort Road and Corringway, and the replacement of lamps on Ashbourne Parade with suitable new fittings.?
Crime has continued to occupy our thoughts and although we have no new answers to home security we hope to be a forum for you to express your concerns and work together for our safety.?We have been involved in ending one slightly bizarre form of illegal activity.?A member of your Committee spotted a cable leading from a lamppost in Hanger Hill woods to a device in the top of a tree.?It turned out to be a pirate radio transmitter, which was removed and confiscated by the Council within a few days.
With less impact we have challenged the Council over the rise in the cost of parking permits but gained only an explanation of the policy.?We have also expressed concerns about some of the practicalities of the Olympic Route Network which we fear may lead to extra traffic on the estate, but no promise of action has yet come forth.?We are also pressing to ensure that if the HS2 rail link goes ahead, there is proper sound protection where trains will emerge near to the top of the estate.?
To end on a positive note, and partly because it has been a personal project of mine, I am delighted to see the new entrance to Hanger Hill Woods in Chatsworth Road.?For some years the southern end of the footpath has been an easy dumping ground but now a new narrow entrance fenced with natural woodland materials will make it much harder for vans to unload there.?This of course is linked to the new footpath proposals I reported in the Newsletter, which will guarantee the wellbeing of our wooded screen between the estate and Hanger Lane.?
Finally let me express my thanks to the other members of your Committee for all their hard work last year, without which the effective running of this Association would be impossible, to Moira Black, our honorary Treasurer, and to Serena Gossain who produces, and latterly has redesigned, our Newsletter.?Let's all continue to pool our best ideas and efforts to make Hanger Hill the best place for us all to live.??????
?2.????????Estate Matters:
New Roman Catholic School, Hanger Vale Lane:?
Residents raised the following issues:
?????????Construction lorries should enter and exit the area via. North Circular into Corringway.?Boileau Road and The Ridings had been used.?The Site Manager has been spoken to and he is going to have a meeting with the contractors with a view to signs being displayed telling drivers where they can and cannot go.??
?????????HGVs had been entering the area outside the preferred times of 8.00 - 9.30am and 2.30 - 4.00pm.?
?????????A trail of mud had been left on the estate from vehicle wheels.?Wheels are supposed to be washed before leaving the site.
It was agreed that both the Site Manager and Head Teacher were proving to be very co-operative and that residents should try to be patient.?It is early days into this project and the Head Teacher, who has previously had experience of being involved in a similar project, says there are always problems in the beginning when equipment and materials are being taken to the site.?
If residents are concerned they should email mail.hhera.com and their concerns will be forwarded to the contractors.?
Audley Road:
A lot of traffic comes in from Hanger Lane and drivers do not comply with the 20 mph speed limit.?They average 35-40 mph.?Residents do not want road humps.?They just want drivers to keep within the speed limit.?The Chairman said that sometimes the Safer Neighbourhood Team monitors traffic and the offenders are often residents.?
Hanger Vale Lane:
Traffic is not stopping at the end of Hanger Vale Lane.?
3.????????Treasurer's Report:
Moira Black reported that she had taken over the job of Treasurer and has now changed the bank account from Lloyds to the Co-op as Lloyds had proved to be inefficient.?
The accounts for the year ended 31 December 2011 had been prepared on a cash basis and showed an excess of expenditure over receipts of ?54.?The cash balance at the year-end amounted to ?1246.?
The Residents Association contributed ?68 towards the plaque on the heritage lamp on the corner of Beaufort Road and Corringway, and ?35 towards a crime leaflet with the Church of the Ascension contributing ?100.? There were no other unusual items to report.?
The Chairman reported that we don't have a subscription, as this would be a massive problem collecting from residents.?We do rely on goodwill.?The main expense is the newsletter.?The newsletter can be downloaded from the website.?From time to time news is sent to residents for whom we have an email address.?
4.????????Appointment of Auditors:
John Gwynne had audited the books for some years and was willing to continue doing so.?Agreed.?
Proposed:?????Anthony Young
Seconded:?????Colin Prior?
5.????????Election of 2012/13 Committee:?
Although the number of nominees exceeded the maximum number of 11, as per the Constitution, the meeting unanimously agreed that for this year only, the 12 nominees standing for election should be elected:
???????????????????????CHADHA, Sanjay, Corringway
???????????????????????GALT, Michael, Connell Crescent
??????GILES, Valerie, Ashbourne Road,
???????????????????????GURD, Robert, Beaufort Road
??????????????????????JERJES, Khalid, Chatsworth Road
???????????????????????LEWIS, Anthony, Boileau Road
???????????????????????MARTIN, Margaret, Gilbert Court, Hanger Vale Lane
???????????????????????NOBLE, Margaret, Boileau Road
PLUMB, Jackie, Connell Crescent
???????????????????????REED, Simon, Beaufort Road
???????????????????????SHELLEY, Nicky, East Close???????????
???????????????????????UPPAL, Inder, Beaufort Road?
The Chairman announced that the Church of the Ascension would be having a spring fair at the end of the month, which this year will be known as Jubilee Spring Festival to which all are welcome.?
Councillor Sumner asked that residents water trees outside their houses.??
Saz Vora, Co-ordinator of Neighbourhood Watch, invited as many people as possible to join the Neighbourhood Watch.?She urged residents to double lock their front door, following break-ins via the Yale lock.?She suggested that people walk about in pairs at certain times, which could prove a deterrent to prospective burglars.?She would be willing to co-ordinate this.?Police numbers are not as high as would be preferred.?If anyone sees anything suspicious they should contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team as soon as possible.?
Approximately 50 people were in attendance.?
Simon Reed, Chairman and Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, welcomed everyone.?Apologies had been received from Councillors Nigel Sumner and Diana Pagan.?Councillor Benjamin Dennehy was in attendance.?
1.???? Chairman's Report:?
Your Committee has met five times since the last AGM during a year in which routine local matters have given place to issues of larger concern.?
It is good to report progress on some of the issues raised at last year's AGM.?Road resurfacing has taken place on various parts of the estate with the happy by-product of lowering and quietening the speed bumps in Ashbourne Road.?The parking problems at the top of that road also seem to have eased thanks to the constant vigilance of Valerie Giles who has campaigned on behalf of your Association against the misuse of business parking permits.?Various problems in Connell Crescent are also being addressed including the reinstatement of chain link fencing which has been removed and preventing traffic obstructions at the Ritz Parade end.?During the year we have also given attention to the appearance of the estate by seeking appropriate period street lighting for Ashbourne Parade and the refurbishment of the original street lamp at the end of Beaufort Road.?
In September we had a long discussion with Toby Lott, a resident of Boileau Road, about the volume and speed of traffic in the street which causes particular concern to families with young children.?We were not able to arrive at any immediate solution which would not cause unacceptable congestion by slowing traffic flow.?However in the last week we have been involved in discussions with Council planners about improving the junction at the bottom of Station Road where it joins Queen's Drive.?We hope that plans to resite the traffic island there and to introduce a Keep Clear box will make the junction more efficient and safer for both motorists and pedestrians.?Any improvement will be welcome given the number of years this junction has been a concern to your Committee.?
A far bigger concern arose as a result of an unusual and very nasty violent burglary which took place on the estate in the autumn.?Although crimes involving violence or the threat of violence are thankfully very uncommon here, many residents expressed worries about the safety of their homes after a perceived increase in break-ins or vandalism.?I accompanied two residents to a meeting with Angie Bray MP, after which your Association organised a public meeting here in November to discuss matters with the local Police.?Various options were discussed, most of them hindered by cost, but one very positive outcome was a willingness to work together to keep an eye on one another's property in association with Saz Vora and the Neighbourhood Watch.?Your Association also organised a the distribution of a crime safety information card with details of who to call with any worries.?Fresh Police patrols in the first few months of the year accompany the news that crime levels have dropped again to their thankfully low level compared to national averages.?
The end of last year and the beginning of this year have seen the emergence of two major development proposals which could potentially have a major impact upon life on this estate.?The first is the possibility of building a primary school for four hundred and fifty children on the land at the back of the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family in Vale Lane.?Whilst there is a demonstrable need for more primary places in Ealing, there needs to be serious attention to the traffic implications of such a development on a road which is already a rush hour choke point. ?A well argued critique of the proposals has been submitted by the Hanger Hill Garden Estate Residents' Association and your committee has added its wholehearted support to their stance.?
To the north there are now proposals to build nearly five hundred new dwellings on the former Diageo site across the A40.?This development will be disproportionately intense, lacking in amenities like shops and health care and desperately short of parking space.?It is hard to imagine that this will not have a negative impact on Hanger Hill.?West Twyford Residents' Association is co-ordinating their response and your Association have pledged support for them.?
As I finish this round up I would like to express my thanks to the members of the Executive Committee for a strong and committed team performance over the last year.?They truly exemplify what local people can do when they work together.?Special thanks must go to Clive Davis who is standing down as Treasurer having put in an extra year of service to your Association.?I would also like to thank local resident Serena Gossain for taking on the production of our newsletter and also for designing the crime card.?Community is built by the investment of time and energy of individuals.?Let's continue to work together to make this a good place to live.?
2.???? Estate Matters:
a.?? A resident from Corringway informed the meeting that he had been the victim of crime during the course of the last three years, due to pickpockets on buses and in shops, ending with a burglary in January 2011.??? His concern is that he has found the police lacking in co-operation and with a very negative approach towards him.?He has made many telephone calls to the police, taking a long time to get an answer. When he does, invariably the person who has been dealing with the case has moved on.?He loaned them some property in order that they might be able to identify some keys, which had been stolen.?He has tried to get the property back without success.?All in all, he is very dissatisfied with the way he is being treated.???
Simon said that the lack of co-operation could be due to shortage of staff and lack of funds, due to the financial climate we are in.?However, this is no solution to the resident's problems and the Residents' Association would add their comments.??
b.?? Graham Fowler expressed concern about traffic flow through the estate during the Olympics. He had received notification that there are going to be restrictions on the North Circular which would doubtless impact on the estate. ???Agreed this is a matter for Ealing Council and perhaps some temporary measures could be put in place.?If this worked, then perhaps they could become permanent.?The Residents' Association would look into this.?
c.??? Mention was made about the mini roundabout where Boileau Road joins Queen's Drive.?Simon and Robert Gurd were at the site the day before with an officer from the Transport Section of Ealing Council.?There have been problems here for some time.?It is proposed to tidy-up this island, as part of the makeover which is going on, and to put a 'keep clear' box there.?When the work is completed, the Council will review after 6 months.?Boileau Road residents should keep the Residents' Association up to date with what is happening.??
d.?? Many residents on the estate have had their front gardens covered over.?Planning permission should be sought before any works to front gardens and drives.?If permission is not obtained, this could result in enforcement action. Occasionally, the Conservation Panel is asked to intervene when there has been a planning dispute, but cannot get involved in individual cases.?All they can do is refer to the appropriate officers.?If something is going on which concerns residents, they should contact the Planning Department sooner rather than later.??
e.?? It was asked if Connell Crescent could be made one way as since the Premier Inn opened, coaches and double decker buses are using it as a rat run.?The Residents Association will discuss this.?
3.???? Treasurer's report:
Resources have gone down by a couple of hundred pounds, due to unusual expenditure.?No filming has taken place on the estate, which usually brings in donations.?At the moment income is exceeding expenditure.?There is ?1,300 on the Balance sheet. The Association does not have a formal subscription and voluntary donations are relied on.?Donations were invited.?
4.???? Appointment of auditors:
John Gwynne had signified his willingness to audit next year's accounts.?Agreed.?
Proposed:??????????????????????? Clive Davies
Seconded:??????????????????????? Janet Young?
5.???? Election of 2011/12 Committee:?
The following committee members were elected:?
??????????? ??????????? CHADHA, Sanjay, Corringway
?????????GILES, Valerie Ashbourne Road,
??????????????????????? GURD, Robert Beaufort Road
??????????????????????? JERJES, Khalid Chatsworth Road
????????????????????????MARTIN, Margaret Gilbert Court, Green Vale
????????????????????????NOBLE, Margaret Boileau Road
?????PLUMB, Jackie, Connell Crescent
??????????????????????? REED, Simon Beaufort Road
??????????????????????? SHELLEY, Nicky East Close??????????
??????????????????????? UPPAL, Inder, Beaufort Road?
Thanks were extended to the committee members for standing for election.?
6.????? A.O.B.
a.?????? Every September each year there is something called 'Open House Day' which is an architectural event. This features a walk around the estate, which is a conservation area.?Robert Gurd has led the walk and also Alan Reynolds.?Is there anyone else who would be willing to take this on for 2 hours one afternoon in the year? If so, they should speak with Simon, Robert Gurd or Alan Reynolds.?
b.????? The idea of engaging private people to patrol the estate at a cost of ?50 per annum per household was mentioned.?Nothing further has been heard from the people who originally brought this idea up or from the police, about the possibility of funding a patrol car.?
c.?????? The possibility of CCTV cameras, raised at last year's AGM, would be very expensive and a number of residents did not like the idea of being on TV.?When CCTV was installed at Park Royal, half the time they were not working or pointing in the wrong direction.?Consequently, they were not very effective.??
d.????? Simon recorded the Association's very good wishes to Prince William and Kate Middleton, who would be getting married on Friday.?
7.????? Guest Speaker:
Angie Bray, Conservative Member of Parliament for Ealing Central and Acton was welcomed.??
Local Residents in a 'Big Society'.?
This is something, which has not been done before.?It's about trying to find an activity, which has been going on forever, about ways of helping each other.?This is very much a past tradition of this country.?The Government wants to nurture activities and find ways of using them.?We want to find a really good invention. I recently attended an awards ceremony in Ealing and was amazed at those persons receiving awards.?We are not trying to teach people things.?If anyone knows of anything going on they should call me. She is always delighted to learn more.?
Angie is private secretary to Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and her task is to organize a series of meetings between 10-15 MPs at one time.?She said that people could ring her about 'hot spots' when we will visit and take goods to the recycling centre, which is our idea of putting something back into the community.??
Are you enjoying being in Parliament?
Angie said she was enjoying very much being in Parliament, even though the hours are long.?It is a huge challenge and a privilege.?The most enjoyable thing is coming back from Westminster to Ealing and Acton on Friday and Saturday.?
What is your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge I have to take on for Ealing relates to a shortage of school places.?Ealing has the fastest growing population in the country. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, is very well aware of this problem.?The Department is being swamped with applications for primary and secondary schools.??
Are we going to be able to provide the infrastructure for New Property Developments?
Two more secondary schools will be required in the borough.?One will be in Greenford and the other in South Ealing.??
Long-term Planning?
There is a need for long-term planning.?Plans to build a school near here will cause traffic congestion.?
Angie said that there is going to be a change, which will be the Localism Bill.?This would particularly concentrate on Section 106 monies.?At the moment it is not always spent where it should be.?If the Bill goes through, it should enable money to be obtained upfront.??
Who speaks for the local community?
There would have to be a local referendum.?Neighborhoods should galvanize this and then go forward.?
Thanks were extended to Angie Bray for coming straight from the House this evening.
Approximately 35 people were in attendance.?
Simon Reed, Chairman and Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, welcomed everyone, including local Councillors.?Unfortunately, Barbara Yerolemou, Mayor of Ealing, had a Mayoral engagement (which has to take priority) and was unable to be Guest Speaker, However, special thanks were extended to Councillor Diana Pagan who had agreed to be the Guest Speaker at such short notice to talk on Planning.?
Apologies for absence were received from Clive Davis (Treasurer).
1.????????????????Chairman's Report:?
A year without major incident may not pack residents into an AGM but it is good news for the estate and those who live on it.?This, however, does not mean that your Committee has been idle or inactive in the five times that it has met this year.?
At last year's meeting you asked us to look into the problem of drivers passing roundabouts in Corringway on the wrong side, endangering residents as they used their own drives.?We involved the Police Safer Neighbourhoods team who have monitored the situation and fined offending drivers on more than one occasion.?Sadly the majority of those stopped turned out to be people who live here so the message is simple: if we want our roads to be safer, we have to take some responsibility for it ourselves.?
Traffic has also been a concern to residents of Connell Crescent.?There has been some discussion about whether the road should be one way to ease congestion but there seems to be no clear view on this.?We will however be looking into the possibility of applying red lines at the Hanger Lane end to protect access for utility and emergency vehicles.?
We have regularly enquired about improvements to the road surface in Boileau Road.?The troublesome traffic humps do not break any current regulation and we have been told that the road will be resurfaced when its turn comes.?When this was done in Ashbourne Road it eased the severity of the humps there.?In fairness to Cllr Sumner, who in our last newsletter was portrayed as the bearer of bad news on this issue, I should draw attention to the resurfacing and pothole repair which has taken place elsewhere on the estate in the past year.?
Parking has continued to be a concern, especially at the top end of Ashbourne Road.?Valerie Giles has maintained constant pressure on the Council portfolio holder to try to reduce the number of business permits and prevent their misuse.?We have also highlighted the problems of wheel-clamping on Ashbourne Parade but as this is a private road, the best we can do it to warn residents of the risks.?We have also been asked to bear in mind the perspective of those who live there and sometimes suffer from inconsiderate parking.?Whilst reporting on this area of the estate, we have also been liaising with the Police over the problem of screen washers at the Gyratory.?Removing them is a slow process but every complaint you make gives ammunition for the preparation of ASBOs and dispersal orders.?
With regard to planning matters we cannot in principle comment on specific cases but we can monitor third party applications which affect the well-being of the estate.?To that end we have kept an eye on Orbit House and sought to remove excessive advertising light glaring into residents' homes.?We have also helped a resident pursue enforcement against a neighbouring development which was in breach of a number of regulations and becoming a serious nuisance.?I would also, at this point, like to express my thanks on behalf of you all to John Gwynne, our auditor, who this year is retiring from the Conservation Panel, on which he has represented us for the last four years.?If anyone has an interest in serving on that panel, please do contact me.?
On a happier note we have liaised with Cllr Sumner over the provision of hanging baskets and other improvements to the appearance of Hanger Green, as well as the tree replacement programme on the estate.?We are also discussing ways of protecting the entrance to Hanger Hill Woods in Chatsworth Road which has been the scene of some of the worst fly tipping on the estate.?
In closing, I would like to express my thanks to the other members of your Committee.?Running your Association and seeking to look after your interests is very much a team effort and on your behalf I would like to thank the entire Committee for their work, both in meetings, and more importantly, in between.?Community is built by the investment of individuals and although nominations are closed for this year's Committee, we would be delighted to co-opt others who would be willing to give a little of their time to care for the well-being of our neighbourhood.?
Estate Matters
2. Questions were invited:
Roundabouts - Corringway:
Graham Fowler emphasized that it was not only residents driving the wrong way around the roundabouts and that the best time for the Safer Neighbourhood Team to monitor the situation would be between the hours of 6.30-8.00am and 4.30-6.00pm.?Simon said that he did not wish to imply that it was residents only and that the SNT should be asked to monitor during the above times.?It was suggested that perhaps it would be best to remove the roundabouts, which would solve the problem but this would prove costly.?? A similar problem exits at the junction of Rotherwick Hill and Corringway.??
Road Resurfacing:
Councillor Sumner reported that the Council had allocated ?6.5 million this year to improve road surfacing and pavements.?Residents were reminded of Ward Forum meetings where matters such as this can be raised with Ward Councillors.?The Residents' Association can also be contacted.??
Connell Crescent - Hanger Lane end:
This section of the road is privately owned and therefore, it will not be possible for the Council to install red lines to prevent parking.?
3.????????????????Treasurer's Report:?
In the absence of the Treasurer, the Chairman reported there was an excess of expenditure over income this year of over ?500, which almost exactly matched the excess of income over expenditure in 2008.?Much of this was due to the printing costs of three newsletters falling within the year (the bill for the 2008 Autumn newsletter was presented late).?There should only be two invoices in each year. ?In addition, donations from residents and advertising in the newsletter also declined a little compared to earlier years.?There is ?1,300 on the Balance sheet.??
Questions were invited:
It was stressed that the Association is very dependent on residents' donations and with the current income we will not be able to continue for much longer.?Noted.?
4.????????????????? Appointment of Auditor:?
John Gwynne was thanked for acting as Auditor and the Chairman proposed that he audit next year's accounts.?Agreed.?Mr Gwynne was not present but had signified his willingness to do so.?
5.????????????????? Election of 2010/11 Committee:?
The committee members would be:?
???????????????????????????????????????????? DAVIES, Clive Boileau Road
??????????????????????? GILES, Valerie Ashbourne Road,
??????????????????????? GURD, Robert Beaufort Road
??????????????????????? JERJES, Khalid Chatsworth Road
??????????????????????? MARTIN, Margaret Gilbert Court, Hanger Vale Lane
??????????????????????? NOBLE, Margaret Boileau Road
PLUMB, Jackie, Connell Crescent
??????????????????????? REED, Simon Beaufort Road
??????????????????????? SHELLEY, Nicky East Close??????????
??????????????????????? UPPAL, Inder, Beaufort Road?
Simon said that more members are always welcome, the committee meets about 4 or 5 times a year and responsibilities are divided.?All that is required is concern for the wellbeing of the area.?It is possible to co-opt people onto the committee.?
6.????????????????? A.O.B.?
Graham Fowler mentioned the plans for a high speed Railway.?He wonders if it will affect the proposed connection between Park Royal and Hanger Lane Station.?Also, are residents aware of this plan??Agreed the Residents' Association would monitor this.???Catherine Fowler asked if it would be possible to put the date of the AGM in an earlier newsletter than the spring edition.??? Agreed.??Simon asked if there was anyone who could take on the role of Newsletter Editor.?This would be of particular help to Simon, as he is currently producing the newsletter.
7.????????????????? Guest Speaker - Councillor Diana Pagan:?
Approximately 800 applications have been received so far this year.?Most planning applications are decided by Officers under Delegated Powers.?The target time for delivering decisions is 8 weeks for minor and 'other' applications and 13 weeks for major ones. The applications that come before the Planning Committee are large schemes.??
The Planning Committee meets every 3 weeks, with site visits the Saturday before, which gives the committee an opportunity to see the sites with the officer with the plans in front of them.?Residents often attend and make comments.?
Committee members must approach each planning application with an open mind and make their decision only on the night.?Members may have a view, but they must be prepared to consider points contrary to that view.?There is an opportunity at committee for a representative of the Objectors to put their views and for the Applicant to respond, each given 3 minutes, followed by the views of the committee members.??
If an application is turned down, the applicant can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, but if it is approved, there is no such right for the Objectors - unless of course there has been a breach of some kind when it would need to be dealt with by Judicial Review.?An Appeal by the Applicant can be dealt with by Written Representations, Informal Hearing or a Formal Hearing, and the Objectors would be informed of the Appeal.?The Committee has to have 'Planning Grounds' to turn down an application, which has to have been raised during the discussion and which have to be given as reasons for the Refusal.?The Planning Officer and the Legal Adviser will advise on this if necessary.?If the Committee turns down an Application for other reasons, the Council is liable to challenge if the Applicant Appeals, and costs can be awarded against the Council.??
Grounds that can be used are traffic generation, overlooking into a living room, over-development, loss of light - although the actual rules are fairly stringent for that and is to do with angles - and nuisance, which is mainly noise or contamination.?Objections which are not normally valid are Loss of property value and Loss of View.?
If someone builds without Planning Permission, they are invited to put in a retrospective Application.?The application is dealt with in the usual way, but the applicants run the risk of having to remove the building/extension at their own cost, if it is turned down and Enforcement action is taken.?Enforcement can be taken on a building up to 4 years after it was erected, and in the case of a change of use, up to 10 years.??
Councillor Pagan was thanked for her talk following which questions were taken.??
Residents expressed concern at the inaccessibility of Council officers and asked that their dissatisfaction be passed on.?Councillor Pagan said that Councillors are also frustrated by the lack of responsibility by officers, which does discourage residents from contacting the Council.?? Councillor Pagan said officers are accountable to senior officers.?
Concern was expressed at the fact that drivers are fined for dropping off at Ealing Broadway Station.?As this area is privately owned, the Council has no jurisdiction whatsoever.??
VG 06/10
Approximately 45 residents were in attendance.
Simon Reed, as Vice-Chairman and Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, welcomed everyone, especially those new to the building, Councillor Nigel Sumner, the Guest Speaker, Jason Stacey, Leader of Ealing Council, and fellow committee members Valerie Giles (Secretary) and Clive Davis (Treasurer) on the top table.
Apologies for absence were received from Graham Fowler, Catherine Fowler, Margaret Noble and Nicki Shelley.?
1.???????????????????? Chairman's report:
For more than ten years you will have been used to Dr?Robert Gurd giving this report as Chairman of the Association.?After last year's AGM Bob indicated to the committee that he wished to stand down from this position and at the end of 2008 we allowed him to do that.?The creation of the post of Vice Chair is precisely to allow the business of the Association to continue unhindered in the absence of the Chairman and that is why I am giving this report.?Needless to say, much of the work has been done by Bob, and credit is due to him, but more of that anon.
The committee met five times this year and our most regular items of business have been the management of the controlled parking zone, liaising with the Neighbourhood Watch, scrutiny of the Hanger Lane bridgework, and engaging with the Arcadia Centre development in Ealing.
1.?Neighbourhood Watch
The new Hanger Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team office at 12 Ashbourne Parade is now open and active and we also welcome the emergence of the Beaufort Road area Neighbourhood Watch group, ably chaired by Saz Vora.?The group meet regularly and are always keen to get new members.?See Saz later if you are interested in becoming involved.?The more local residents who become active the more effective it will be as a deterrent to crime in the area.?Updates and contact details appear our Association newsletter.?We have tried unsuccessfully to make contact with a group which is trying to get going in Boileau Road but would be happy to help in any way we can.
2.?Controlled Parking Zones
The Hanger Hill zone (Zone O) has now been in operation for over 3 years and most people think that it has been a success except in the vicinity of Hanger Lane, most acutely at the top end of Ashbourne Road, where the over-generous provision of business permits continues to cause parking problems for residents.
We have involved Cllr Phil Taylor, the member of Ealing's Cabinet responsible for parking, who has acknowledged that there is a problem and has undertaken to write to the business causing the problem to point out that business permits should not be used for commuting purposes.?A letter went out earlier this month but we understand that in the meantime business permits have again been issued for another year without restriction.?We have tried to sort this out for several years and the lack of progress is extremely frustrating.?Further help from the Council would be much appreciated.
3.?Hanger Lane Bridges
Transport for London have been planning for some time to deal with the bottleneck in Hanger Lane between Ealing Village and Ealing Common by adding a second bridge to increase traffic flow.?The original and unimaginative "engineered" design of the bridge parapets has been replaced by a more colourful design picking up the colours of Ealing Village.?TfL have also contributed ?10,000 of funding for public sculpture in the vicinity of the old retained bridges, which will be part of the landscaped area.
4.?Arcadia Centre Development
This Association, like many others, has been monitoring developments closely in order to ensure that local residents have their say.?Many people were surprised by the Secretary of State's call-in of the Arcadia application but it does allow another opportunity to fight this development, which drastically would change the character and appearance of Ealing.?The inquiry will be held from 23rd June and will last around a week.?The Association will be involved indirectly as part of the Save Ealing's Centre coalition.?It is likely to be a tough fight and SEC may employ a barrister to speak on its behalf in response to high-powered representation from Glenkerrin, the applicant.?SEC has already marshalled considerable expertise from amongst its membership.?We will continue to ensure that you are kept up to date and enabled to express your views.
This year has also seen the setting up of regular Ward Forum meetings for local people to engage with Council representatives.?These have been a helpful opportunity to raise local issues and your committee here has been consulted on how the funding might be used to improve the appearance of the neighbourhood.?
Finally, I would like to express our thanks to all the members of the committee who have served this year, and to four people in particular.
Darshak Raja has served on the committee for several years but his commitments now take him away from the area for considerable periods of the year.?We are very grateful to him for his work for the committee, in particular encouraging local businesses to support the Association.
Clive Davis has served as Treasurer for the last two years but has personal commitments which mean that he can no longer continue with this role.?He has however very generously indicated that he is prepared to continue to serve on the committee and to train any new person prepared to take on the role of treasurer.
Former committee member Martyn Grogan continues to prepare the newsletter and keep the website up to date for us.?We thank him for his excellent work but would also be grateful to speak to any of you who might be able to help take this on.?Please speak to me afterwards if you would like to know what is involved.
Last but not least we come to our outgoing Chairman, Bob Gurd.?? As I said at the outset, Bob has chaired this Association for over ten years.?I doubt whether he or Moira would want to add up the total number of hours he has devoted to the wellbeing of this neighbourhood and its residents, but having been a fellow member of the Committee for some of those years I can tell you that they are many!?I can also tell you that Bob has been a tireless, dedicated, determined and dignified servant of this area.?Associations such as this are an important building block in local community but it takes a devoted public-spiritedness to make them work.?Bob Gurd has always shown that.?Those of you who know him will know his love of art and architecture.?In gratitude for his service to this Association and on behalf of us all I would like to present Bob with a gift we hope will help him pursue those interests.?Please would you join with me in expressing your appreciation.

Bob thanked everyone and said that it had been a great privilege for him to serve the residents of Hanger Hill East and thanked everyone for their support.?He agreed to continue to serve on the committee.

That concludes the Chairman's formal report.?Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your support of the Association and your committee.?As we move on to Estate business we will be happy to take questions in that section of the meeting.?

2.??????????????? Estate Matters:?
Questions were invited:?
Trees - Boileau Road:
Thanks were extended to Nigel Sumner for the trees, which had been planted in Boileau Road.?Nigel requested residents water them during the hot weather.
Overhanging branches:
Asked what could be done about this.?Nigel Sumner asked to be shown where the particular problem is and he requested that residents take responsibility to ensure that any branches do not encroach onto the public highway.?
Rotherwick Hill/Corringway (roundabout):
Many drivers are driving on the wrong side of the road.?Meeting agreed that this is extremely dangerous and should be reported to the Ward Police.
20mph Signs:
Is anything being done about increasing the number of signs on the Estate??Nigel Sumner reported that forty 20mph repeater signs have been ordered.
3.??????????????? Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer reported that the excess of income over expenditure is ?576.99, although a cheque for ?250 has yet to be presented.?The main expenditure relates to the newsletter.?He reported that there are two sources of income, donations from residents and from film companies.?The film companies have been generous this year and Bob Gurd has been very instrumental in obtaining this funding.?

4.??????????????? Appointment of Auditor:
John Gwynne was thanked for acting as Auditor and the Treasurer proposed that he audit next year's accounts. ?Agreed.?Mr Gwynne was not present but had signified his willingness to do so.?
At this point collecting boxes were passed round for donations.

5.??????????????? Election of 2009/10 Committee:?
As only 8 nominations had been received, a ballot was unnecessary.
??????????? The committee members would be:
??????????? ??????????? GILES, Valerie Ashbourne Road,
??????????? ??????????? GURD, Robert Beaufort Road
??????????? ??????????? JERJES, Khalid Chatsworth Road]
??????????? ??????????? MARTIN, Margaret Gilbert Court, Hanger Vale Lane
??????????? ??????????? NOBLE, Margaret Boileau Road
??????????? ??????????? REED, Simon Beaufort Road
??????????? ??????????? SHELLEY, Nicky East Close???????
??????????? ??????????? UPPAL, Inder, Beaufort Road
Simon said that more members are always welcome, the committee meets about 4 or 5 times a year and responsibilities are divided.?All that is required is concern for the wellbeing of the area.?It is possible to co-opt people onto the committee.
6.??????????????? A.O.B.??????????????
Newsletter Delivery:
Simon said he would be extremely grateful if people would be willing, 2 or 3 times a year, to help with delivery of the newsletter.?In particular people living in a flat on the Estate.?????????
Connell Crescent:
It was noted that Connell Crescent does not have a? representative on the committee.?Agreed that request for a representative should be put in the next newsletter.
Ward Forum:
Nigel Sumner gave a breakdown on how the allotted ?40,000 had been spent on trees, hanging baskets, pavements etc.?He said that as much support as possible is needed with improving Hanger Hill Park, if a grant is to be obtained, by writing to The Mayor of London.?There is no provision for youth in the area.?Attention needs to be given to this.?A Tree Warden is required for the area.?Nigel will email a job description to Simon.
Nigel thanked Simon for chairing the meetings and for being willing to do so again this year.??????????
?7.??????????????? Guest Speaker - Councillor Jason Stacey - Leader of Ealing Council:
Mr Stacey became Leader in 2006.?He said it is not the easiest of jobs and it is a question of making choices.?People in the Borough were concerned about the:
1. State of the streets, not being cleaned.
2. Safer communities.?People did not feel safe, inadequate street lighting, no Police visible.
3. Council Tax, what do you get for your money???
Everything the Council has done has been centred on residents' concerns.?There was a big consultation on rubbish collection.?HHERA rejected wheelie bins. Our Recycling rate is now 35% as opposed to 19% in 2006.?? Graffiti is removed as quickly as possible otherwise this leads to more serious crime.?
Crime is falling within the Borough.?More PCSOs are visible on the streets.?
Trying to keep Council Tax to an absolute minimum.?Has doubled in the last 10 years.?This year it has been frozen.?However, there are more issues coming forward with more pressure coming onto Council Tax e.g. the recession, people are now sending their children to state schools as opposed to private.?Need to seriously look at what we deliver.?More basic budgets need to be put in place.?Planning and transport needs to be looked at.?
Questions were invited:
Impressive summary of what has been done but what is being done about the future of Ealing??
Councillor Stacey sees Ealing as tree lined residential streets where people want to move to, as it remains popular.?What do we want our Town Centre to be? We have seen the decline of Ealing Town Centre, with closure of many shops over the years. Councillor Stacey said money has been invested in master plans.?Do we want Crossrail or do we want people to stop and shop??Lots of developers want to come to Ealing but we need to be careful for fear of it becoming a building site. There are 10,000 people on housing waiting list.?Need to try and house these people near transport links and employment.
No allowance has been made for schools or leisure facilities in the development plans.?Buildings are too high and too close together.
How high is too high??Whether a building should be 40 stories or 24 is debateable.?We need shops and facilities for young people.?There will be leisure facilities in the new cinema in Ealing Broadway.
Parking in Ealing is difficult.?Need better parking arrangements?
The whole of Ealing is in need of re-vamping.?There is a complicated one-way system.?A very poorly designed Town Centre.?Ealing people go to Westfield, Kingston, Richmond or Brent Cross to shop.?They do not shop in Ealing because the shops do not cater for their needs.?Parking needs to be improved, which is a long-term project.
Many roads need resurfacing.?Potholes caused by road humps, which is very dangerous for cyclists.?Some humps are too high.??
For many years not enough money has been put into resurfacing.?Not been helped with the winter we have just had.?8.5 million pounds was invested last year, 6.5 to be invested this year.?I prefer speed platforms.?Suggest you speak to the Councillors about the height of humps.
MINUTESApproximately 60 residents were in attendance.
?Apologies were received from Councillors Diana Pagan, Nigel Sumner and Anthony Young, John Gwynne (auditor) and John Harrison.
The Chairman welcomed everyone, in particular Police Sergeant Din, Head of the Hanger Hill Safer Neighbourhood team and Councillor Barbara Yerolemou.?He also welcomed fellow committee officers, Valerie Giles (Secretary) and Clive Davis (Treasurer) on the top table.?
1.??????????? Chairman/Secretary's report:
The Chairman reported that 4 committee meetings had taken place throughout the year, which covered the revised Constitution and usual matters - Arcadia Centre redevelopment, speed control measures, CPZs, street lighting and the conservation area review.
Arcadia Centre redevelopment
Although this would not directly affect our area, it is quite likely that if built the 40 storey tower would be visible from the higher parts of the estate. The Association had affiliated to Save Ealing's Centre which campaigned against the development in the centre of Ealing.?The proposals received strong criticisms from English Heritage, CABE (Commission for the Built Environment) and the Mayor of London. The developers had been sent away by the Council to rethink their plans - which have not been considered by the planning committee - and it is unlikely that any new plans would appear much before late summer.?Residents were advised to be vigilant.
Speed Control Measures
The problem of speeding motorists continues, resulting in several accidents.?However, the Council carried out tests in the most affected roads - Beaufort Road and Corringway and considered that the average speeds (20 - 25mph) did not justify installation of further signal actuated signs (like that in Beaufort Road at the junction with The Ridings).?Residents were advised to monitor the situation.
Controlled Parking
This has been in operation for over 2 years and has been successful, except in the vicinity of Hanger Lane (Ashbourne Road in particular) where an excessive number of parking permits has been allocated to West Africa House.?The Residents' Association had again been in contact with the businesses occupying West Africa House urging them to ask their employees to stagger their parking but our letters have met with a polite but not very helpful response.?One company would be vacating at the end of April which would hopefully give some relief from the parking.
The Council was of the opinion that the balance between residents' and businesses' parking at Hanger Green was about right.?However, they have agreed to look into doing something about inconsiderate parking at the Ritz Parade end of Connell Crescent caused by absence of double yellow lines.
The West Acton controlled parking scheme (which covers Boileau Road and Hanger Vale Lane) has been in operation for around 18 months and is due for a review.?Not aware of any problems.
Street lighting
Beaufort Road and Hanger Green had been relit this year using columns similar to those currently installed but with more modern lanterns with a higher light output than the existing lamps.?We wouldn't know until later this year when other roads would be relit on the estate but the programme is due to be completed by 2010.
Conservation area review
The Council's review of the Haymills Estate conservation area was completed earlier this year following consultation with the Association, conservation area panel and residents.?The results of the consultation were announced in March and it is clear that it did not raise any major new issues.?The current design guide would be replaced by a new conservation area management document which will clarify and update the information in the old guide.?It is now available online through the Council's website (see www.ealing.gov.uk/services/environment/planning/planning_services/conservation/conservation_areas/consarea_hh.html).
Finally, the Chairman thanked all members of the committee who have served throughout the year and in particular three committee members who were standing down this year:
Martyn Grogan: who has been our vice-chairman - for his help over the newsletter and website and invaluable assistance over the past 18 months or so;
Michael Black: who has been on the committee for many years and additionally stepped into the breach as secretary when Graham Fowler stood down;
Jeremy Evans: who represented Haymills Court interests in place of Sarah Williams who moved away last year.
2.???????? Estate Matters
The Chairman thanked the residents for their support and invited questions,?under estate matters:
?1.??????????? What is happening about Orbit House?
Orbit House, a red brick office block, replaced the Ritz Cinema and has been empty for many months.?Planning permission has been obtained to build a couple of extensions at the rear and to function as an aparthotel, believed to be for short/medium stay business people.?
?2.??????????? Rubbish
Rubbish sacks/bins are being put out too early and being put on pavement; black sacks containing food attracts animals which leads to pavement spillages.??????????? ???????????
?Rubbish should be put out late at night or early in the morning.
Food should be placed in special food waste bins.?Sacks/bins should be placed on residents' property and not on the pavement.
?The Council is prepared to issue notices to people who do not ??????????? comply. If residents know of any persistent offender(s) they?should contact the council on 8825 6000 and someone should?come along and look at the situation.
?3.??????????? Boileau Road - poor street lighting
??????????? This is a particular problem near North Ealing Station and is ??????????? dangerous.?
It was agreed that the committee would look into this.
?4.??????????? Ashbourne Road - Parking
??????????? This is a particular problem in Ashbourne Road (Hanger Lane ??????????? end). Could the Council do something about this?
Councillor Yerolemou said the Council was aware of the problem. Consideration would be given to asking people to park at the end of Ashbourne Road towards the junction with Corringway, where there??????????????? are no driveways.
?5.??????????? Vegetation Overgrowth
??????????? Excessive amount of vegetation growing over garden walls.
Council written to but no response received.?It was suggested that the resident talked to Councillor Yerolemou about the matter.
?3.??????????? Treasurer's Report - Year Ended 31 December 2007
The Treasurer reported that the excess of expenditure over income of ?176.30 was due to some income which would soon be recouped.??100 donation has been made to Save Ealing Centre Fund.?The main income comes from advertisers and residents' donations.?The Treasurer informed residents' that donations can now be made via the HHERA website using Paypal.??
The adoption of the accounts was proposed by Margaret Martin and seconded by Graham Fowler.
?4.??????????? Appointment of Auditor
?The Chairman expressed thanks to Mr John Gwynne (auditor) for his work during the year.?He was unable to attend the meeting but had said that he would be happy to continue acting as auditor.
?This was approved by the meeting.
?At this point, collecting boxes were passed round for donations.?
?5.??????????? Proposed changes to the Constitution:
At the last EGM and AGM suggestions were made regarding changes to the Constitution.?These were put to a small Working Party consisting of Margaret Martin, Martyn Grogan and Darshak Raja and endorsed by the committee.?Simon agreed to talk through each paragraph.?
?A question was asked as to why 'age' needed to be included in the nominees' details. The Chairman said that this was a standard requirement that the information was not compulsory.
?Graham Fowler suggested an amendment so that one rather than two auditors could be employed.?It was agreed to bring this in line with practice as the Association had only ever had one auditor.
?The amendments were agreed unanimously except for one resident who voted against.
?6.??????????? Election of 2008/9 Committee:
As only 9 nominations had been received, a ballot was unnecessary.
The committee members would be:
???????????? DAVIS, Clive Boileau Road?
??????????? GILES, Valerie Ashbourne Road,
??????????? GURD, Robert Beaufort Road
??????????? JERJES, Khalid Chatsworth Road
??????????? MARTIN, Margaret Gilbert Court, Hanger Vale Lane
??????????? NOBLE, Margaret Boileau Road,
??????????? RAJA, Darshak Corringway
??????????? REED, Simon Beaufort Road; Vicar, Church of the Ascension
??????????? SHELLEY, Nicky East Close?????
?The Chairman said that the Committee was looking to co-opt a representative from the Hanger Green area.
?7.???????? AOB
Marianne Black said that Notices were not being published in the Ealing Gazette and that she had been informed this was a Council decision, to save money.?Councillor Yerolemou said the Council had a statutory obligation????? to publish notices which were going to appear in the Ealing Times.?The Ealing Times was not delivered as frequently as it should be.?It was agreed that the Committee should look into this.
?The Chairman thanked Simon Reed for allowing the Association to use the Church of the Ascension for the AGM and closed the formal part of the meeting.
?9.??????????? Speaker
Sgt Tahir Din and PC David Traynor of the Hanger Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team spoke about the work of the team and how to protect oneself from the activities of criminals.???????
VG 0408
The Hanger Hill (East) Residents' AssociationNotice of Annual General Meeting 2008
The Annual General Meeting of Hanger Hill (East) Residents' Association (HHERA)will be held at 7:45 pm on Thursday 24 APRIL 2008 at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, Ealing W5.Drinks and light refreshments from 7.00 pm.?Agenda
1. Chairman/secretary's report?
2.?? Estate matters (including traffic, parking, etc)?
3.?? Auditor's report?
4.?? Appointment of auditors?
5.?? Proposed changes to the constitution?
6.?? Election of 2008/9 committee?
7.?? AOB?8.?? Speaker: Sgt Tahir Din, of the Hanger Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team whowill talk about the work of the team and how you can protect yourself from the?????? activities of criminals.?
CLICK HERE to download a copy of the agenda and nomination form for the 2008/9 committee.CLICK HERE to download proposed draft amendments to the constitution.DETAILS OF PROPOSED CHANGES TO CONSTITUTION(Note: With respect to the existing Constitution, deleted words or phrases are shown as a strikethrough and additions are shown in?red lettering)
1. The Association shall be called ''The Hanger Hill East Residents' Association'' hereinafter called ''the Association'' or ''HHERA''.??
2. Membership of the Association is open to all residents of the Hanger Hill Estate, being the area bounded by Hanger Lane, Western Avenue, the Piccadilly Line between Park Royal and North Ealing stations, and Queens Drive (including Queens Parade).?At meetings of the Association any person not named on the published electoral roll may be asked to provide a utility bill not more than three months old as proof of residence and a passport or driving licence as proof of identity. Failure to provide either or both of these documents will render the person concerned ineligible to vote
?3. The aims and objects of HHERA are to serve and protect the interests of the residents of the Hanger Hill Estate and to protect, improve and further the amenities of the Estate. It will be a principle always of HHERA to recognise the cultural diversity of the Hanger Hill Estate and its residents, appreciating that all residents, no matter their age, race, ethnic origin, gender, religious or political affiliation or financial position, have something positive to contribute to the Estate and the people living here. 4. The officers of the Association shall comprise a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer.?Other posts may be designated by the Committee to serve the needs of the Association as occasion demands.?
5. The business of the Association shall be arranged conducted by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee shall consist of a maximum of eleven members.?Every nomination for the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by a member of the Association and shall contain a confirmation by the nominee that he/she is willing to stand.?Nominations shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least seven days before the AGM.?Unless the Chairman considers it to be unnecessary, an election shall be determined by a paper ballot with the eleven nominees who receive the highest number of votes being elected.?
6. The officers of the Association shall be elected by the Committee from amongst their members at the first Committee meeting following the AGM.?In the event of any member dying or resigning, the Committee may co-opt another member of the Association to sit on the Committee for the period until the next AGM.?
7(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall normally be held in the month of April each year. Three weeks' notice shall be given of the AGM.?
7(b) A special meeting An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Association shall be called if 10 or more members of the Association request in writing a meeting stating the purpose of the meeting.?Such a meeting shall be held within 28 days of the receipt of such a request or at a time mutually agreed between the Committee and those proposing the meeting.?
8. The Committee shall meet as often as the Committee members deem necessary but this should be at least twice a year.?If a Committee member does not attend two meetings consecutively without any apology, it will be deemed that he, or she, no longer wishes to serve, will be automatically retired from the committee and he, or she, will be advised accordingly.?
9. At each AGM, all members of the Committee shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election. In the annual elections of Officers and Committee members, all candidates will issue brief but relevant biographies, and these will include their age, and the number of years service they have given, if they have already served as Officers or Committee members. 10. At the AGM, all members of the Association including the Chairman all residences within the catchment area of the Association as defined in paragraph 2 above, shall have one vote.?The Chairman shall in the case of an equality of votes have a second, or casting vote.?
11. Any member wishing to move a resolution motion at the AGM shall give notice in writing to the Secretary not less than 7 days before the date of the meeting. Emergency motions for matters which arise after the last date (7 days prior), including on the night, will only be allowed for debate at the discretion of the meeting.12. Minute books shall be kept by the Association and the Secretary shall enter a record of all proceedings and resolutions.?
13. All funds raised for or on behalf of the Association shall be applied to further the object and aims of the Association and for no other purpose.?The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the association.?Expenditure above ?100 must be authorised by the Committee.?
14. The accounts of the Association shall be audited once a year by two auditors elected at the previous AGM each year. The financial year of the Association ends on 31 December.?
15. Any funds at the disposal of the Association should be held in a bank or building society.?In the event of the Association ceasing to operate, such funds, archives and any other materials or interests shall be made over to an adjacent residents' association, which will be decided by the Committee, and will not be redistributed.?
16. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt for the period until the next AGM up to an additional three members of the Association on to the Committee (subject?in addition to the maximum number specified in paragraph 5 above) specifically to aid it with research and implementation of matters that benefit the aims and objectives of the Association.17. This constitution may be added to, repealed or amended by a resolution at any Annual or special Extraordinary General meeting, notice of which will be as set out in paragraph 7 above, and shall have contained particulars of the proposed modifications.?March 2008+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The resumed AGM?was held on Thursday 31 May 2007 at 7.30 pm at the Church of the Ascension.
HANGER HILL (EAST) RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION.Resumed Annual General Meeting, May 31, 2007
The meeting commenced at 7.30pm. About 135 residents were present.
Apologies had been received from Graham Fowler and Sarah Williams.?
The meeting was conducted by the Chairman of the Association, Bob Gurd.
The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking the Rev. Simon Reed for allowing the meeting to be held in the Church, and welcomed Councillors Barbara Yerolemou and Nigel Sumner.? He also thanked all the helpers at this and previous meetings and welcomed members of the committee. He went on to explain that the previous AGM was adjourned to give residents the opportunity to vote in a democratic way.? Though this was not necessarily a popular decision, he nevertheless felt it was fair and correct.? Unfortunately however, residents would now not be given the opportunity to vote because 11 candidates had withdrawn en bloc, in addition to three who had withdrawn earlier, leaving 11 candidates to fill 11 vacancies.
Proposed changes to the constitution by Sanjay Chadha had also been withdrawn, so there would be no discussion on changes to the constitution.
The Chairman reported on the activities of the Association during the previous year Details are set out below.
A vote of thanks to the Chairman for his patience and hard work was passed. The Chairman extended this to members of the committee and to the residents who had supported HHERA.???
Copies of the accounts had been previously circulated and the Auditor, John Gwynne, explained that the accumulated balance of funds was ?1,430.
A member of the audience asked for an explanation of the ?130 received from Granada Television.? Bob Gurd explained that when TV crews were filming in the estate he asked for a donation to the Association's funds; he urged residents to do likewise in future.?
The accounts were approved on the proposal of Mrs. Marianne Black, seconded by Cllr Mrs Barbara Yerolemou.?
A vote of thanks was passed to the auditor for his work in the last year.? John Gwynne indicated that he was willing to stand as Auditor for the forthcoming year. This was unanimously approved.
4. ESTATE MATTERS? - Details may be found on the HHERA Estate Matters webpage.
Planning. The Chairman took the opportunity to explain the role of the Conservation Panel, and mentioned that a review by the Council of the Conservation Area was forthcoming.
Darshak Raja suggested that with the new website the opportunity could be taken to ask residents to vote on the website on Conservation Panel matters.? The Chairman agreed this was a good idea, but indicated that this would only allow a small number of people with an interest to vote and therefore could only be counted as an expression of interest.? Derek Martin suggested that the website should be used to inform residents that the consultation was taking place.? The Chairman commented that the last time our own conservation area was reviewed all residents were individually mailed.? It was agreed that the Council should be asked to do so at the next review.
A resident thanked Councillor Yerolemou for the prompt action she had taken regarding planning in respect of a large extension to a house on the estate.?
The question was asked whether the government's proposed change in planning application regulations would have an effect on the estate. The Chairman explained that existing conservation area controls would remain largely in place, but it would be necessary to look closely at the detail when the full proposals came out.? A major problem was so-called "permitted development" since the Article 4 direction related only to house frontages facing roads, not the sides or rear of properties.
Parking. The Chairman reported that the Hanger Hill CPZ scheme had been in operation for 18 months and a major problem had arisen because a number of businesses were granted business permits and parked in the roads all day every day.? The road particularly affected was Ashbourne Road, but several other roads, including Connell Crescent, also suffered.? Also there were not enough residents' parking spaces in Hanger Green.??? A review was carried out last year, but the consultation was extended because many residents in Hanger Green had not participated.? There is no more news about the outcome of the consultation, but we had asked to be involved.
Mr. M. Fowler mentioned that indiscriminate parking of mini-cabs in the "stop & shop" and disabled bays near West Acton Station was a problem. The Chairman explained that this was outside our area but in the Garden Estate; nevertheless the CPZ in that area was likely to be reviewed later this year and this issue was one which should be put to the Council directly.
A Boileau Road resident said that the parking restrictions had helped tremendously.? The Chairman agreed but noted that changes were likely to be made to the Balcon Court parking arrangements.?
The question was asked whether roads on the outskirts of the area could be excluded if the residents so wished. The Chairman explained that everyone had a chance to vote during the original consultation and an analysis had been done road by road.? In the end it was decided to have a homogenous zone to avoid the problem of displaced parking.?
Street lighting. The Chairman reported that Corringway and Chatsworth Road had new lighting which gave much better illumination.? The general opinion was that this was much better than previously. New lighting is scheduled for the rest of the estate within three years.
Corringway/Audley road sewer. The Chairman explained that this was part of the Thames Water flood relief scheme.? The main reason why this work had to be done was largely because of front gardens being paved over, often done without planning permission.? Residents should be aware that only up to 50% of the front garden could be paved.? Councillor Sumner said that porous paving slabs allowed water to sink through
Roads. A vehicle activated sign to remind drivers that they were in a 20 mph speed limit area had been erected in Beaufort Road. There had been plans to erect 2 more such signs in Corringway near the Audley Road junction, but residents nearby expressed reservations about the signs. The Chairman hoped that now they had seen the small sign they would change their minds.
A resident asked if such a sign could be erected in Boileau Road.? It was also suggested that bigger signage was needed as you enter the estate because the 20mph signs on the road are not easy to see.? The Chairman explained that this was something which had been raised with the Council but would be raised again. A resident suggested that, according to the current Highway Code, the speed limit was 30 mph unless 20 mph repeater signs were visible.? A resident suggested that "20 mph" should be painted on the road humps themselves.? A resident asked if it was possible to have speed cameras. The Chairman said the Association had been pressing for this for some time, and had tried to get the Police to support us.? He understood that the Council had acquired some speed guns and they were likely to be coming into our area very soon.?
The Chairman explained that reports of bad pavements in various roads should be made directly to the Council on 020 8825 6000, and in his experience they would be dealt with quickly and efficiently. He agreed that this information should be put on the website.?
A comment was made that roads in the estate had been deteriorating over the years and they had not been resurfaced for decades.? The Chairman agreed to apply pressure to the Council on this matter, but Councillor Sumner commented that the roads on this estate were not too bad compared with other roads in the borough.?
Mrs. Black asked if the "Station Road" sign could be replaced.
All the 11 nominees who had agreed to stand for election were introduced as the new committee.? The Chairman asked if the meeting would agree to a few other residents of the withdrawn list of candidates being invited to attend committee meetings on those occasions when their services would be helpful, although they would not be full committee members. The meeting unanimously agreed that this was a good idea.?
This item had been withdrawn.
Mrs. Black asked for clarification of the status of Hanger Hill Wood as some people had no idea of its status.? Councillor Sumner said that there was no change in its status as a Public Open Space.?
A resident asked if Ealing Council was considering wheelie bins for this area.? Councillor Yerolemou said that a consultation last year had shown that residents in this area did not want wheelie bins.? It was explained that if a resident particularly wanted a wheelie bin they could obtain one from the Council, but they would be responsible for lining the bin with a black sack, taking this out of the bin and leaving the sack out for collection.?
The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.
Michael BlackSecretaryJune 2007

The?members of the HHERA 2007/8 Committee?are now available, please click here?or visit HHERA Committee?2007/8 webpage. The officers of the Committee, including the Chairman, will be elected by the committee at its first meeting. The results of this election will be posted on the website immediately following the meeting,
You will recall that I adjourned the AGM on 19 April to ensure the proper democratic process took place with all residents being given an opportunity to express their opinion and vote accordingly.? Unfortunately, residents will not now be given the opportunity to exercise their democratic right because, through no fault of the committee, 11 candidates (Sanjay Chadha and group)?for the committee decided to withdraw their nominations en bloc (in addition to three who had withdrawn earlier).? This leaves only 11 candidates to fill 11 vacancies so there will be no formal ballot for?election.?
Second, item 6 has been withdrawn so no discussion will take place on further changes to the Constitution. I'll say more about both these later.?
Chairman/Secretary's report?
First, I have to report a very difficult year for your committee as a result of unprecedented pressure from a group of residents who you recall tried to move a resolution at the AGM last year. As we reported in the newsletter, we tried over a long period of time to reach an accommodation with the group but unfortunately were unable to do so.? We had several meetings with them but they made demands which were completely unacceptable to us which involved forced resignations of existing members of the committee as well as of the conservation area panel.After I adjourned the meeting on 19 April, discussions took place on two separate occasions in a final attempt to reach some sort of agreement with Sanjay Chadha and his group involving mediation. The first produced no result; and the second resulted in a demand for my withdrawal as a candidate for election to the 2007 Committee, and an undertaking not to stand for chairmanship for a further three years. In return Sanjay Chadha would not stand for election as a committee member and would also withdraw the additional proposed changes to the Constitution. Before your Committee had responded to this proposal, which would have been rejected on the grounds that it was undemocratic, the group withdrew all 11 of its candidates from the election, together with their request for amendments to the Constitution. We noted with interest that the letters of withdrawal were dated before the proposal had been put to us -- so any mediation attempts were clearly doomed before they had even got underway!Why we have been singled out for attention by a small number of members in an area where residents of all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities have lived peacefully together for many decades?? The roots of the problem are simple:? a small but highly determined group of residents wanted to take control of the Residents' Association for their own ends and were prepared to employ a variety of means to do so. They created divisions and tensions where none previously existed. The group also spread misinformation such as: the current committee was not democratically elected - it was in 2005; we refused to reconvene the AGM - untrue: we gave residents the opportunity in the autumn newsletter to express a view that it should be; or that the Conservation Area Panel Advisory Committee and/or the Residents' Association decide on planning applications - untrue, as I will explain later. Their "commitments" mentioned in their 'regeneration newsletter' covered all the areas which the current Association has been pursuing successfully for many years.So where does this leave us?? The good news is that there will be no divisive elections and unhelpful discussions tonight about further changes to the Constitution.? The not so-good-news is that the group have threatened to set up a new association covering the Haymills Estate conservation area alone - a highly significant fact in itself.? We'll have to see whether this happens but I hope that you will continue to give your support to the existing Association which will continue to represent all the areas that the association covers particularly Boileau Road, Connell Crescent, Ashbourne Parade and the many block of flats in the area. A worrying sign of things to come has been the systematic removal of street notices about this meeting - some of them have had to be replaced up to 4 times!Having said all that, your Association has in the last year made progress and moved forward in other areas, perhaps in part driven by adversity.? We have improved communication with all residents by updating the website and encouraging more to register for email updates. Further improvements to this are also planned including a residents' forum where residents can express their views online. We have also overhauled the newsletter to produce a much more accessible and readable version. And, more residents are talking to each other as a result of the events of the last year. The EGM attracted?over 300 people - how many residents' associations can boast that sort of turnout?A thriving residents' association is a crucial part of a vibrant community. Whether serving on the committee or by simply letting the committee know your views about any issue keeps things fresh and alive and most important relevant to those who live on the estate as a whole.? To this end, the new committee, I know, have many varied and diverse ideas which will be explored and developed and reported back to the members as a whole in the coming months.
I should like to take this opportunity of thanking members of the Committee for their work during the last year.? As you will have gathered, this has been a very difficult time for everyone involved and I am very grateful that they stuck with it - and with me - through this very challenging period.? I am particularly grateful to Graham Fowler (who can't be here tonight) who served as secretary for over 11 years.? He did a tremendous amount of work for the Association - and the Conservation Area Panel -- in an entirely voluntary capacity for all this time.? I very much regret that he felt unable to continue to provide the services when the workload became too demanding as a result of the unprecedented pressures placed upon the committee.? But I entirely understand his decision to do so.I should also like to thank two other committee members who are standing down this year: George Dean who has been a major supporter for many years and in particular for his help over the years with the refreshments; and Sarah Williams (Haymills Court) - who also can't be here tonight - who joined the committee more recently but who is moving away from the estate later this year.? I would like to thank them for their help and wish them all the best in the future. Finally, I would like to thank Martyn Grogan, who is a resident who offered his expertise over the last year, particularly for his work on the website and the newsletter.? Thanks to him and other residents - John Harrison and Darshak Raja -- who helped on working party with amendments to the Constitution discussed at the EGM last month.In conclusion?we have to remember that your Committee is simply the guardian of a Residents' Association which was formed 30 years ago with the simple purpose of representing and protecting?the interests of the whole of the area, no matter an individual's or group's personal benefit, race, belief, colour, gender or financial means. Over the period since then, ordinary people who have lived here have voluntarily represented your interests to the Council and many other bodies who affect the estate with the aim of ensuring that it stays the area the great majority of us like - it was after all why we chose to live here. We have been successful because the Council takes us seriously, as a representative body for all residents.Your Chairman is just one in a line of chairmen with that simple belief, and I hope you will ensure that the Residents' Association will continue to represent everyone who lives here, and keeps concentrating on the many issues which we all as individuals think are important and make our neighbourhood special not just one interest that a small group may have.??

Robert Gurd
31 May 2007